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Whiplash is a common term for an injury specific to the neck region caused by a sudden sharp whipping movement in any direction of the neck and head without muscular control. Whiplash is associated with motor vehicle accidents, diving accidents, external forces, or impact to the neck and/or other mishaps. The uncontrolled nature of these rapid movements can cause problems with the muscles, ligaments, and joints of your neck and back. Symptoms of whiplash may appear immediately after the incident or have a delayed response of several hours to several days, with the severity of symptoms varying between individuals. These symptoms include neck pain, stiffness and/or tightness, shoulder pain, back pain, numbness of the arm, pins and needles, headaches, dizziness or ringing in your ears.


Recent research suggests it is important to be active and maintain neck movement and flexibility as well as restoring muscle control with the help of neck support. When considering how much movement is enough to help with rehabilitation, we encourage people to try and participate in most of their normal daily activities and to make a conscious effort to maintain correct posture during these daily activities, practicing postural correction and control.


Treatment of whiplash includes local modalities provided in clinic to help manage the symptoms as well as postural correction and specific exercises based on the severity of your injury. Due to the multitude of potential issues that can result from whiplash, it can be very beneficial to have a qualified physiotherapist have a look to help determine the nature of your specific presentation and advise you on the best management strategy for you.