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Shoulder Pain Treatment

The shoulder joint is a complex joint, and is formed by 3 major bones creating a ball and socket joint making it the most mobile joint in the human body. Although it is the most mobile joint, it comes at a cost of being more unstable and reliant on all the muscles and nerves of the shoulder girdle. Unfortunately, this means there are many structures that can cause problems with the shoulder joint. The most common injuries we treat include the muscles and tendons as well as bursitis, ligament and labral issues, dislocation/ unstable shoulder joints and post operative shoulder rehabilitation.

Problems with the shoulder joint are not just painful but can severely impact your ability to work, play sport or even take care of yourself in the home. Common symptoms of shoulder inssues include localised pain, sharp radiating pain, tenderness to the skin, nerve sensation associated with pins and needles or numbness down the arm and weakness. Therefore, it is important to accurately assess the shoulder to find the cause of the symptoms. Once the cause of the problem is identified, we can work to correct the biomechanical issues behind the pain. Once corrections are made, we provide a tailored collection of self-management strategies including strengthening the muscles, improved joint control and/or adapting tasks to treat and prevent further pain or dysfunction and return you to your previous level of activities.