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Back Pain (including Sciatica)

Back pain is the most common health condition, with 8 out of 10 adults experiencing some level of back pain in their lives. It can vary from a mild pain or stiffness with certain movements, all the way through an incapacitating level of pain and dysfunction. Back pain can come from a variety of problems. It may be an acute injury, a congenital predisposition, or problems with your workplace setup. It could be the way you sleep or the way you stand. Your muscles may be over developed in one place and underdeveloped in another. Your core stabilisers may not be activating correctly or your sporting technique may be putting pressure on your back.

Lower back pain treatments require identifing the causes of your back pain to be able to treat the cause of the problems, not just the symptoms. When you comew to us for physiotherapy for lower back pain,  we will provide and instruct you through a comprehensive program including stretches, exercises tailored to you and your lifestyle, and potential modifications you may need to implement at work, sport or in your home that will help prevent or self-manage future occurrences.