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Strapping and Taping

With years of experience in the use of strapping and sports tape, our therapists can use appropriate techniques to provide temporary support for your joints and muscles. Tape is often used as an adjunct in the prevention and management of injuries and has several short term benefits including:

  • Stabilisation and support of an injury
  • Relieves pain by reducing the load on vulnerable or painful structures
  • Facilitates normal movement, muscle action and postural patterns

There are many ways to strap different parts of the body, and our trained physiotherapists can assess your condition to decide what strapping is best suited to you and your needs. We often strap ankles, knees, shoulders, feet, backs and so much more. Whether you need some extra support with your day to day activities or additional protection on the sporting field, we’ve got you covered.¬†We can also teach you how to strap yourself for ongoing protection.