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Post-Operative Rehabilitation

At Toormina Physiotherapy, we are passionate about working with you and your surgeon to maximise your post-operative rehabilitation outcomes. Ideally, people will attend physiotherapy in the pre-operative phase to gain a better understanding of the procedure and to commence exercises that can benefit their recovery.

Common surgical conditions that we treat:

  • Hip- total hip replacement, hemiarthroplasty, labral repair
  • Knee- total/uni-compartmental knee replacement, ACL reconstruction, meniscal repair, meniscectomy
  • Shoulder- rotator cuff repair, SLAP repair, total shoulder replacement, manipulation under anaesthetic (adhesive capsulitis)
  • Foot and Ankle- ankle replacement, fusion, lateral ligament repair, achilles tendon repair
  • Spinal Surgery- fusion, laminectomy, discectomy
  • Surgical Fracture Repairs- open reduction and internal fixation

I’ve had my surgery, what happens now?

After surgery, it is important to start your rehabilitation as soon as possible. This process usually begins in the hospital and will continue with your regular outpatient physiotherapist once you have been discharged.

Depending on the type of surgery, you might leave the hospital with a mobility aid, brace or sling to use for a short period of time. If there are any other restrictions that your surgeon wants you to follow, this will be outlined in your post-operative protocol including expected timeframes of when you can return to these activities.

Your surgeon will follow-up with you around 6 weeks after your procedure. Sometimes after a joint replacement, they may recommend a manipulation under anaesthetic (MUA) if you are not progressing as expected.

Why is physiotherapy important after surgery?

People who attend physiotherapy after surgery generally have better outcomes. This is because early intervention with physiotherapy can assist with pain management and reduce the likelihood of secondary complications.

Your physiotherapist will provide you with a suitable exercise program and assist you to progress this within your pain limits and adhering to the guidelines from your surgeon. Establishing common goals can help you stay on track with your rehabilitation and are often focused on:

  • Regaining range of movement
  • Increasing strength and endurance
  • Improving balance/proprioception
  • Restoring function

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Post-Operative Rehabilitation