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Onero™ Program for Osteopenia/Osteoporosis

Toormina Physiotherapy is proud to offer Onero™ to the Coffs Coast Community!

What is Onero™?

Onero™ is an evidence-based, high intensity resistance and impact exercise program designed to strengthen bone and muscle and prevent falls. It is specifically targeted towards individuals with low bone density (osteopenia/osteoporosis) to reduce their risk of minimal trauma fractures.

How is Onero™ different to what I am currently doing?

Not all exercise improves bone mass. Low intensity exercise such as walking, bike riding or swimming is not considered to be an effective strategy for building bone.

Onero™ is based on the LIFTMOR study, which has shown that certain kinds of high intensity loading can be both safe and effective even for people with low bone mass. Injuries, which can be a concern in the frail older population, are rare from Onero™ training when properly supervised.

This does not mean that other types of exercise are not beneficial for muscle and bone health. Many exercises will provide subtle benefits, but the difference is that the higher intensity and impact of Onero™ appears to be more effective.

How can I start Onero™?

The safety of the program depends on a mandatory initial assessment of your current health status by an accredited Onero™ practitioner. This assessment will facilitate the adaptation of training in its initial stages, so you will be able to participate and minimise any risk of injury or exacerbation of existing conditions.

Once the assessment is completed, you can commence training with your accredited Onero™ practitioner who will provide close supervision at each session. It is recommended that you attend twice per week to get the best outcome.

After 12 months, your accredited Onero™ practitioner will perform a review assessment in order to determine if you have had any changes in your balance, posture and other functional outcomes related to your risk of fracture.

What is the benefit of training with an accredited Onero™ practitioner?

While we all know exercise is good for you, people often underestimate the difference between one type of exercise and another, and the risks some exercises can pose for people with certain conditions. Having low bone density places you at an increased risk of fracture.

For this reason, bone-specific exercises must be supervised and performed with correct technique to reduce the risk of injury. Research shows that higher intensity exercises can help your bone health, but this type of training must take into consideration your individual requirements and be supervised by someone qualified to do so.

An accredited Onero™ practitioner will know how to correctly:

  • Assess your current health including any pre-existing injuries or conditions
  • Deliver the Onero™ program
  • Know when to progress, regress or maintain your program
  • Report your baseline assessment and yearly results to you and your GP

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Onero™ Bone Class