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Since 1985, Chris Duffy and the team at Toormina Physiotherapy have been dedicated to bringing the Coffs Coast region a comprehensive, up to date and enthusiastic physiotherapy service.

No matter what your problem is, our experienced team of health professionals can provide you with expert care and advice to assist in your recovery. We see everything from acute musculoskeletal injuries, pre and post operative rehabilitation, chronic pain and so much more!

We cater to all ages and abilities, aiming to help you understand your condition and what you can do to manage it correctly. We acknowledge that every injury and body is different, so we believe in individualising your treatment plan to get the best outcomes.

So, what are you waiting for? Book an appointment today and let us make your health and wellbeing a priority!

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No, you don’t have to have a referral. However, if you are attending under Workcover, EPC scheme or Department of Veteran’s Affairs, then you will need a referral.

Yes, if you are covered for physiotherapy under extras cover of your private health fund. If in doubt, check with your fund. If your fund participates in HICAPS, you can swipe your card, claim your refund on the spot in our clinic and just ay the gap.

Only if you are eligible and referred under the EPC scheme. If your doctor feels you qualify for the scheme and refers you, you are eligible for a total maximum of 5 visits to allied health providers in a calendar year.

You need a doctor’s referral to have physiotherapy under these schemes. If you are eligible, we bill the relevant departments directly for your treatment.

We treat all aspects of physiotherapy, but one area we are particularly interested in is the use of Real Time Ultrasound (RTUS) to give feedback concerning core stability. Latest research tells us that many back pain sufferers have difficulty turning on there deep spinal and abdominal stabilisers. Through the use of an ultrasound machine (just like the ones used on pregnant women) we can check on your deep abdominal muscles to see if they are turning on in the correct way, and retrain the use of your core stabilisers!

We work with many different types of practitioners. We can work with your doctor, podiatrist, personal trainer, gym, Pilates instructor etc, to ensure the best possible outcome for you.

About the EPC Scheme

The EPC or enhanced primary care scheme, is a government scheme through which, under certain circumstances, Physiotherapy and other allied health providers such as podiatrists, dieticians etc treatment attracts a rebate from Medicare.

No, you don’t have to have a referral. However, if you are attending under Workcover, EPC scheme or Department of Veteran’s Affairs, then you will need a referral.

Under the EPC scheme, you can have a total of 5 visits to allied health providers in one calendar year. Those 5 may be to one provider or be spread between several providers.

No. Medicare offers a rebate ($52.95 at the time of writing). We ask that you pay your account to us at the time of consultation, and then either reclaim your rebate at Medicare or use your Medicare Card and an EFTPOS card attached to a savings or cheque account through our HICAPs machine to claim your rebate. Please ring our office to enquire about current charges for consultations.

This is between you and your GP. Your GP knows the qualification criteria for the EPC scheme. Remember to qualify, your GP needs to consider that you have chronic and complex problems.