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Do you need a doctor’s referral to come to physio or to claim on your health fund?

No, you don’t have to have a referral. However, if you are attending under Workcover, EPC scheme or Department of Veteran’s Affairs, then you will need a referral.


Can I claim this back through my health fund and do you have Hicaps?

Yes, if you are covered for physiotherapy under extras cover of your private health fund. If in doubt, check with your fund. If your fund participates in HICAPS, you can swipe your card, claim your refund on the spot in our clinic and just ay the gap.


Can I claim this back through my Medicare?

Only if you are eligible and referred under the EPC scheme (see our EPC page). If your doctor feels you qualify for the scheme and refers you, you are eligible for a total maximum of 5 visits to allied health providers in a calendar year.


What about Workcover and Veteran’s Affairs?

You need a doctor’s referral to have physiotherapy under these schemes. If you are eligible, we bill the relevant departments directly for your treatment.


Do you have any special interests?

We treat all aspects of physiotherapy, but one area we are particularly interested in is the use of Real Time Ultrasound (RTUS) to give feedback concerning core stability. Latest research tells us that many back pain sufferers have difficulty turning on there deep spinal and abdominal stabilisers. Through the use of an ultrasound machine (just like the ones used on pregnant women) we can check on your deep abdominal muscles to see if they are turning on in the correct way, and retrain the use of your core stabilisers!


Do you liaise with other people?

We work with many different types of practitioners. We can work with your doctor, podiatrist, personal trainer, gym, Pilates instructor etc, to ensure the best possible outcome for you.

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