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The EPC or enhanced primary care scheme, is a government scheme through which, under certain circumstances, Physiotherapy and other allied health providers such as podiatrists, dieticians etc treatment attracts a rebate from Medicare.


Does everyone qualify for the EPC scheme?

No. The scheme is for people with chronic and complex problems. For example, someone with widespread arthritis and diabetes, might be referred for  physiotherapy for their joint pain, to the dietician for their diabetes, and to the podiatrist for some foot care.


How many treatments can I have?

Under the EPC scheme, you can have a total of 5 visits to allied health providers in one calendar year. Those 5 may be to one provider or be spread between several providers.


Is physiotherapy free under the scheme?

No. Medicare offers a rebate ($52.95 at the time of writing). We ask that you pay your account to us at the time of consultation, and then either reclaim your rebate at Medicare or use your Medicare Card and an EFTPOS card attached to a savings or cheque account through our HICAPs machine to claim your rebate. Please ring our office to enquire about current charges for consultations.


Who decides if I qualify?

This is between you and your GP. Your GP knows the qualification criteria for the EPC scheme. Remember to qualify, your GP needs to consider that you have chronic and complex problems.

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